Wednesday, November 29, 2006

warm hands warm heart... well maybe, I sure like warm hands

Check out this battery powered hand warmer 150 degrees F 5 hours 4 AA batteries. FirePod :

sure can get cold this time of year @ 3500' and above


Lighter on steroids! Blazer PB207

Want to carry the lighter the SAS carries as field gear? Want a pocket torch that will melt pennies? This wind proof, water proof pocket torch will get your fire started! Check out: . This puppy is so powerfull the Consumer protection Agency limits sale to "professionals", you amateurs need not apply (there is a child proof version for the happless non-professionals).

Try USAtoolwarehouse on eBay for a good price.


If you think Molle is a Mexican Chicken dish......

Molle, the recent military attachment system for customizable tactical gear. If you think PALs are the guys at the bar..... check out:

and I thought MALICE meant "intent to harm"


Want to build you own "Tactical" gear?

If you want to make you own tactical gear or just modify it or add to it, try:

You can also swap gear here.


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Advanced Rescue Technology

Follow Advances in rescue technology with the link: Advanced Rescue Technology Magazine on line.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Army Field Manuals on line

Ever want to refer to an ARMY Field Manual but don't have a copy? Try:

or, If you qualify for an account:


Friday, October 28, 2005

Technical Rescue Mechanical Advantage

Calculating mechanical advantage of a Technical System can be difficult to remember. RescueRigger's web site ( has a section on puzzles, which shows a "T" system. They show you how to add up "T's" and figure the mechanical advantage. "T's" are "tensions" in the lines. If you check out the puzzles (and answer illustrations) from the above link it becomes pretty clear how the T system works.

Failing that technique my KISS system for mechanical advantage is: distance "haul crew line" moves/distance " load" moves= Mechanical Advantage of "Haul System", i.e. if your haul team pulls 30' of line for every 5' your litter rises 30/5=6 you have a mechanical advantage of 6:1

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Want a free map of National Forest Roads

The National Forest Service has a .pdf map of Forest Service roads on the Olympic Peninsula. Their web page shows the Operational Maintenance level (read passable by what type vehicle). all the way from: 4 passenger high comfort thru 3 passenger cars, 2 high clearance vehicle, 1 not maintained and finally- trail.

The map (@100% magnification in Adobe Reader) shows Forest service roads numbers, local roads, and stream, rivers and other geographical features. Forest Service roads are color coded by maintenance level. Private areas are shown in blue shading. Note North Pacific region is about 2 megs & and can be downloaded.

Follow the link: for the North Pacific Region around Sequim & PA or: for a link map to all the NFS regions on the Peninsula. From here click the "Operational Maintenance" link for the region you want.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Flashlight tech stuff

Ever wonder how a Streamlight compares to a Surefire or Maglight? Or what's new in LED or Xenon flashlight technology? Everything you ever wanted on flashlight reviews: Cool site with very thorough reviews and ratings.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Need light Costco Sequim has 10 million candle power rechargeble light

Costco has their 10 million candle power (H4) halogen rechargeble light for $19.9x down from the previous $24.99. Two light levels, max 100W, 60 minutes @ 10 million candle power. In case you want to incinerate flys on the wing!

Folding aluminum pan

A small disposable aluminum meatloaf pan can be folded flat by folding out the ends, then folding in the sides to form a flat, sort of football shaped object. these are less than $1 for 5. they can be easily put in a pocket or small pouch. They can be used for emergency heating of food or boiling water in the field.

Maglite LED upgrade

Wal-Mart (Sequim) is carrying an LED upgrade kit for the AA Maglite. Less than $5! Tres' cool.